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Precision Jiu Jitsu

We offer classes for adults (ages 13 and up), and kids classes (ages 7 and up). Find a class that works for you.We maintain a pretty low-key environment with students at all levels.

What to Expect?

Kids Classes

Our kids classes involve a short warm up, followed by instruction and practice of the technique of the week. Our kids instructors strive to give extra attention to new students to help them learn the basics.

Adult Classes

Similarly to our kids classes our adult classes start out with a quick warm up, technique demonstration, technique practice, followed by some sparing.

Basic Dos’ & Don’ts

There isn’t much to memorize in terms of class conduct, but here are a few basics to help you or your kids during the first class:

  • No shoes on the matts
  • Always wear shoes to the restrooms
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Come ready to learn